Member Case Studies

Tracy Burton – Huddersfield

Awarded MIGPM in May 2023

have worked for the NHS for 19 years now, working up from Medical Receptionist to Business Manager of a large GP Practice at top of my career. I am now happily a Practice Manager of a small GP Practice, and I can honestly say despite how hard it can be at times, I love my job and am very passionate about what I do.

I wanted to become accredited as I really do feel that Practice Manager positions are not given the acknowledgement for what a hard job it is, and the professionalism needed in such a challenging role. A Practice Manager is not a 1 area of expertise thing and to do the job well you have to be expert in so many areas from HR, to building management, contracting, staff counselling, recruitment, strategic planning, service implementation, change management and finances including staying financial stable in an unstable environment. I therefore wanted a professional panel of experienced people to look at my skills, what I have done, can do and how I continue to develop and evolve, to see whether I hit the criteria for a good Practice Manager, which I am happy to say I did. At the time this was more for personal reasons for self-assurance as no other accreditation systems like this exist and I do feel Practice Managers deserve that recognition, so after a few months of uncertainty as unsure if had the time to commit to completing the application, I decided to go for it.

I found the application process very easy and straight forward and the application pack was very self-explanatory on what the requirements were, and I knew I could evidence them all. It did take a bit of time to compile everything together, but I felt really pleased once it was done and I was slightly shocked myself to see how much I know and have done. Strange how these things look very different once on paper.

When I found out I had passed I felt an immense sense of achievement and the Practice Partner and some of staff here being proud of me really gave me a spring in my step. Let’s be honest as Practice Managers we rarely get praise, and we just get stuck in and do our jobs and are usually the bones to keep the practice together in times of crisis. I know whenever a power cut, water leak or no coffee it’s me to the rescue. It might not seem much but the post-nominal letters MIGPM on my email, still weeks later make me smile.

I am pleased that with the public asking more now than ever for regulation of NHS Management I am in a good place to know where I am in my career and that I am “fit for purpose” as it were. I do believe in strength in numbers, so the more Practice Managers that get accredited, the more influence the IGPM will hold and the louder our voices will be able to be heard when needed.

I would highly recommend anybody considering becoming accredited to really give this some serious thought and go for it. I am sharing my story, as hope it encourages more to come forward and get the recognition for the Professionals, we all are.

Laura Gummer – Derbyshire

Awarded MIGPM in January 2023

I feel it is hugely important that Practice Management is recognised as a registered profession. Accreditation for Practice Managers is a key part of that; the scope and level of responsibility clearly require a specific skill set, knowledge and experience, akin to, and sometimes beyond, other professionally registered colleagues. I feel that we should embrace this process, which gives security to GP Partners, employers, colleagues and patients, and provides professional credibility nationally.

The process was straightforward, but time consuming, ensuring that my application was sufficiently thorough to be approved. Much of what was required should already be within a CV/Job Description/Personal Specification/learning portfolio/reflective log. But more detailed information also needed to be collated, and this in itself was quite rewarding, as an aid memoir of some of the accomplishments of my time in Practice Management. It was also wonderful that colleagues and patients offered to support my application. Gaining the MIGPM status was very satisfying and well worth the effort. The GP Partners and Chair of our Patient Participation Group were as delighted as I was when I shared the news. There is also a professional pride knowing that my skills, qualifications and experience have met the standards expected of the committee.

All the benefits of IGPM membership are yet to be fully experienced, but supporting the IGPM to succeed and stand shoulder to shoulder with other professional bodies ensures that the leadership, managerial, operational, financial, business and strategic elements of General Practice are given a voice alongside that of our clinical colleagues. I believe that both are required to ensure that the future of Primary Care is fit for patients, colleagues, and is in keeping with the founding essential values; inclusivity, free at the point of use, and based on clinical need rather than the ability to pay. Being at the front of a positive change feels good.